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How to Create a Double Exposure Making Your Double Exposure Combining multiple exposures is a great way to get unique images. This can be done with traditional film, by partially exposing 2 photos onto the same piece of film. Some modern Nikon digital cameras also allow you to do this in camera (Thanks for the tip Thad) We are making a similar effect in Photoshop, which will give you a bit more control over how everything turns out. It also gives you the ability to combine images that were taken years apart. What You Will Learn 0:05 -- Announcing our CRITIQUE tomorrow. 1:20 -- What "Artsy Fartsy" means to me 2:00 -- Locating all of the image we will combine 2:40 -- Preparing your idea before you you begin 4:00 -- I hit my knee on the hardest thing ever 4:30 -- Converting everything to Black & White 5:30 -- Turning your tree into a selection 6:50 -- Applying your selection to a different layer as a layer mask 7:12 -- Using advanced layer mask techniques 8:40 -- Secret to creating a double layer mask 10:00 -- Adding a "window" texture over top of everything 11:00 -- Cleaning the tree to not cut into her face 11:40 -- Showing you how we flag the light for our rim Bonus Points Keep going with the techniques we show here, adding more and more layers to produce double, triple and quadruple exposures. Have some fun being ARTSY FARTSY
Length: 12:03


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