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Homemade Valentines: Valentine Foam Dog Friend

FREE iPhone Apps! Sign up today: arts and crafts expert Eva Sowinski shows you how to make Valentine a foam dog friend for Valentine's Day.Making crafts or gifts for Valentine's Day can allow you to show your affection for friends, relatives or classmates. You can learn to make a Valentine foam dog friend that can be created in about 5 to 10 minutes. Valentine foam dog friend is a craft can be completed by?children?but should be done under adult supervision due to the use of a glue gun. The craft can be made as as a school project, as a Valentine's Day gift or simply as an activity to celebrate the holiday. The supplies needed for this craft should be available at your local craft store. 1: Obtain Supplies---------------------------------------------------------------------Purchase an extra large foam heart, 3 large foam hearts, 3 medium foam hearts and 1 small foam heart.?One medium heart and the small heart should be different shades or colors than the other heart shapes. You will also need?googly eyes, card stock, scissors, a glue gun with sticks and a black permanent marker. 2: Create the Dog's Face---------------------------------------------------------------------Place your extra large foam heart with the rounded side towards you on a table. At the top, or pointed end, of your heart, attach a medium foam heart with the rounded side up. Glue one googly eye in the middle of the heart to create one eye. Beside the first eye, attach another googly eye. Place your small heart at the "v" between the rounded humps of the heart with the rounded side up. This will form your dog's nose. ?Take your marker and make three dots in each rounded portion of your heart to create freckles. Place the top, rounded half of your remaining medium hearts on card stock and cut around the heart. Place each heart on either side of the pointed end of the heart at the top to form your foam dog's ears.? 3: Make the Dog's Body---------------------------------------------------------------------Take a large heart and place the pointed end under your extra large foam heart beneath the dog's nose to form the dog's body. Affix the heart with a dot of glue. Cut another large heart in half. Stick each heart half onto card stock where the pointed half is not covered. Cut around the heart. Stick each heart half to the bottom of the "body" heart. Fold your card stock in half, then cut out a wing shape. Open up your wing shape and cut it in half to form two wings of equal size. Glue each wing to the back of your extra large foam heart. Cut your last large foam heart in half. Glue each half onto the back of your foam dog, slightly wider than where your dog's front legs are attached. You now have a Valentine foam dog friend. more by visiting our page at:
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