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Homemade Christmas Gifts: CD Holder

FREE iPhone Apps! Sign up today: expert Keltie Colleen shows you how to make homemade Christmas CD holders.When making homemade Christmas gifts, a CD holder is a simple project to complete. While CD's generally come from the store in a plastic case, many people like to make customized holders for their CDs. Customized CD holders can also make gifts for the Christmas holidays. These can be made out of different kinds of things like computer paper, construction paper or craft foam. This Christmas project requires no special skills to complete. Many of the items needed can be found around the house. The CD holder can be plain or decorated for Christmas.The CD, or compact disc, was launched in 1979 by Phillips. A year later, both Phillips and Sony introduced the CD-DA format. It was two years after that, in 1982, that CDs began being manufactured on a large scale. The same year, the first record CD was released by Sony. The title of the first CD was 52nd Street by Billy Joel. By 1983, CD players and discs were readily available in the United States and the rest of the world. first video CD was made for storing and playing video and audio in 1987. The next year, the concept of a recordable CD was born. However, it took until 1990 to create it. 1: Gather The Supplies---------------------------------------------------------------------Making a CD holder is quick to do and a simple project to complete. Adults may wish to make these as gifts for friends or relatives. Supplies will depend on the type of decorating that you wish to do. However, some supplies needed are:* One sheet of 8 ?" by 11" paper* One CD* Labels* Pen or marker* Stickers* Glitter Pen* GlitterStep 2: Make the CD Holder---------------------------------------------------------------------1. Place a CD in the center, top portion of a sheet of paper. The CD should be on only half of the sheet of paper.2. Fold both sides of the paper to the sides of the CD.3. Remove the CD and place it in the middle of the folded paper.4. Fold the bottom of the paper up over the CD. 5. Fold the horizontal creases to the sides so that creases are even with the sides of the original folded sides. This will give you a box shape at the top. Fold the flap down flat.6. Tuck the pieces of paper that are sticking out the sides into the original side folds.7. You now have a pocket in the paper. Slip the CD into the front pocket and fold down the top half of the paper.8. Dog-ear the top two corners of the top half of the paper. Then slip this top half of the paper into the pocket. 3: Decorate the CD Holder---------------------------------------------------------------------The CD holder can be personalized by writing the name of the person you are giving it to, as well as your name as the giver, on the CD. You can also write the name of the CD on the front of the holder. Ribbon can be added as decoration, as well as stickers. A glitter pen can be used to make designs down the sides or across the top and bottom of the holder. more by visiting our page at:
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