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How to Make Reindeer Antlers For Your Dog

FREE iPhone Apps! Sign up today: this video, Mahalo expert Keltie Colleen shows you how to make reindeer antlers for your dog.There's no reason why the family pet should be left out of celebrating the Christmas holiday. With these easy to follow steps, you can make homemade reindeer antlers for your dog. You will only need a few supplies and can make this craft quickly and without advanced crafting skills which makes it an excellent project for kids. Reindeer are known for their mythical role of pulling Santa Claus's sleigh. These legendary reindeer were named in a poem written in 1807 by Major Henry Livingstone Junior. In the poem, Twas the Night Before Christmas, their names were given as Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder (thunder in Dutch) and Blitzen (lightning in German). Another famous Christmas reindeer appeared in 1939 when Robert May wrote the story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. 1: Prepare the Headband---------------------------------------------------------------------For this project you can use a traditional headband. You may also be able to find one that has already been covered with felt from a craft store. If not, you can easily cover it yourself. You will need enough felt to wrap around the headband. You can choose any color, although brown felt is used to look more realistic. To secure it, use a hot glue gun or craft glue. Once you have the headband ready, you can begin creating the antlers. 2: Make the Antlers---------------------------------------------------------------------To create the reindeer antlers, you will be using pipe cleaners. These are are often used in craft projects and can be found in most craft supply stores. You will need four pieces of pipe cleaner. These will then be twisted together into pairs. Take two pieces of pipe cleaner and begin at the ends. Twist them around each other to create one antler. After you have done this with both pairs, you are ready to finish the project. 3: Assemble the Antlers---------------------------------------------------------------------Once you have finished assembling the antlers and the headband, it's time to put them together to create your dog's new Christmas look. Take each pair of pipe cleaners and wrap them around the headband one at a time. Twist the pipe cleaners two or three times to secure them, leaving enough room on either end to form the antlers. Bend the pipe cleaners into angles and your antlers are complete. If you would like to decorate them, use glitter glue to add a bit of color and sparkle. more by visiting our page at:
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