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How to Gift Wrap a Christmas Present

FREE iPhone Apps! Sign up today: expert Keltie Colleen provides guidance on how to gift wrap a Christmas present.Presenting a well-wrapped Christmas present can enhance the gift-giving experience, no matter the contents of the package. Learning to gift wrap a Christmas present involves understanding the best supplies to use to create a professional appearance and small tricks that can help you perfect the wrapping process. wrapping a Christmas present correctly can be done alone, or with the aid of a friend or relative. While the process is fairly simple, it may take several attempts before you perfect the creasing and bow-making process. This project is suitable for children with adult supervision due to the use of scissors. 1: Gather Supplies---------------------------------------------------------------------Purchase or collect Christmas-themed wrapping paper, tape, scissors, wire-edged ribbon, construction paper and decorative stickers. While you can use standard ribbon, opting for wire-edged ribbon will offer your present a more professional presentation. Coordinate the color of your wrapping paper to your ribbon, construction paper and stickers for best results. Consider items that feature hues of red, white, green, blue or Christmas images. 2: Enclose Present---------------------------------------------------------------------Place your present in a box and seal with tape if necessary. Roll out your wrapping paper on a flat surface with the design side down. Place the edge of your box on your wrapping paper near one corner where the side of the paper will reach half-way up the side of your box. Measure out the same distance on the other side of your paper and cut the wrapping paper down the total length of the roll. Place your present face down in the middle of your wrapping paper and fold over one edge of the paper approximately half of the way across the bottom of your box. Tape the edge of the paper to your box. over the loose end of paper about an inch. Place a piece of double-sided tape along the inner edge of your paper and affix to secure the paper around your present. On the end of the box, flatten down the top edge of your paper and make creases along the sides of your paper in a triangular shape. Fold the side flaps into the center of your present. Place a piece of double-sided tape on the bottom triangle flap and attach to your present to finish the end. Repeat the same process on the other end of your box. 3: Decorate your Christmas Present---------------------------------------------------------------------Take a long length of wire-edged ribbon and double it. Place the center of the ribbon on the top of your present with the nice edge facing up and affix it with a piece of double-sided tape. Flip your box over, then cross the ends of your ribbon so they will go in the opposite direction. Flip your box back to the top of your present and tie the ends of your ribbon in a bow. Cut the end of your ribbon and adjust the edges to finesse the final look of your present. 4: Create a Name Tag---------------------------------------------------------------------Cut a rectangular shape from your black construction paper and one from your white construction paper in the exact same size. Cut the edges of both pieces of paper into a fun shape. Glue the pieces of paper together, then address the tag for your gift recipient. Place a decorative sticker on the corner of your tag and use it to attach your tag to your present. more by visiting our page at:
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