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How to Make a Christmas Card

FREE iPhone Apps! Sign up today: expert Keltie Colleen shows you how to make a Christmas card.Personalized Christmas gifts and cards can add a custom touch that store-bought items may not offer. A customized Christmas card is simple to make and does not require much time or preparation. Crafting cards can be a good option if finances or tight around the holidays, or if you prefer to let your personality shine through your gifts. cards that you make yourself can be customized with pictures of you or your family and can be decorated in almost any way you choose. You also have the opportunity to customize the interior message of your card specifically for your intended recipient. 1: Gather Supplies---------------------------------------------------------------------Obtain craft scissors, glitter glue, a marker, festive stickers, double sided tape and several pieces of construction paper. These items can be obtained from your local craft store or general purpose retail outlet, or you may have items around your home that will create a nice display. the picture you want to use on your card and make a color copy on basic computer paper. Make enough copies for all the Christmas cards you want to craft. Cut out your picture so that no white spaces remain around the edge of your photo copy. Opt for craft scissors that will add a decorative edge your your photo. 2: Prepare Card Base---------------------------------------------------------------------Fold your construction paper in half, making a nice crease along the edge by running your finger across it several times. Use your decorative craft scissors to cut a rectangular square out of white construction paper slightly smaller than the width and height of your folded card base. Place a small bead of glue around the edge of your white piece of paper and swirled around the middle of the page. Take a brush or your finger and spread out the glue to avoid a lumpy appearance. Affix the white construction paper to the inside of your card base. 3: Decorate Card---------------------------------------------------------------------On the bottom half of your white construction paper, write your holiday greeting. Cut another piece of white construction paper with your craft scissors, slightly larger than the picture you want to use on your Christmas card. Attach your picture to the white paper with double sided tape. Outline your picture with glitter glue. Affix the white paper with your photo to the front of your card with double sided tape on each corner. Finish the card off with some decorative stickers. more by visiting our page at:
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