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Tips for Organizing Closets

Paige to the Camera: When talking to Shane and Christine, you know, it really came up that the closet is a bit of a sore spot. So I've asked Thad to take measurements of that closet and really put some thought into, you know, how we could give them sort of an organizational system in there. So we need to reassign how the stuff in the closet fits. Paige: You know sometimes a great way of organizing your closet is by color. I do that. I also make sure, that like, you know, that all my pants are together, all my casual shirts are together, all my dress shirts together. You know? So I know, like, what category of the closet I need to go to. Shane: Sounds good. Paige: Instead of like feeling through everything. And when you have a chance, you know, if you have the chance or you want to spend the money, you know a nice visual in a closet to help you stay calm is, you know, a good tip is to have all the same hangers, like, you want to have matching hangers and all that stuff. Shane: Okay. Paige: Alright, let's get some stuff in here. Thad: One thing I really love about this, too, is you know, we're reorganizing this whole room and really simplifying a lot of things, but this is really where your day starts, I feel. When you come out of the room, you get ready for the day; you want everything to be organized and very simple. Easy to find. You know you may have only a certain amount of time in the morning to get ready, and you don't want to spend that time looking for something that was put away in a corner. Paige: That's a big part of what we've been talking about in terms of simplifying your life; Like with the new baby and everything, you know, so many more things are going to be so much more hectic just because. Shane: Yeah. Paige: So why not keep the things that don't have to be hectic, simple? Shane: Right, cut down on time and everything, that's great. Get ready for work, you know, get the baby ready. It helps a lot to see where everything is. Thad: Yeah, just one of the many ways. Paige: Okay, let's grab some more stuff. Shane: Okay, sounds good.
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