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Kenneth: So, I've gotten us all set-up in here to make flowers for the party tonight. Rachel: Oh, great. Okay. Kenneth: So, I was noticing in your backyard that you have tons of morning glories. Rachel: Yes, I do, I do. They're beautiful. Kenneth: So I wanted to do a little morning glory one. Rachel: Wow! Kenneth to the Camera: We are making really, really fun crepe paper flowers. I used to make them as a kid with my mother. We're going to put a morning glory on each of the little boxes that the guests are going to use to take cookies and candy to the party. Kenneth: Alright, I cut out a morning glory pattern which is basically just a little half round. Rachel: Okay. Kenneth: So what you want to do is just trace your pattern there on the top. Then we cut out our shapes. It's amazing the colors that crepe paper comes in. I have rubber cement but you can use paste. I'm just going to do a bead along the side. Then all you're going to do is just curl it around like that and just make a cup. Rachel: Okay, I got it. Kenneth: So now while those are drying we're gong to make the little stamen for the inside and the stem. So, just gonna take a piece of this, it's just standard floral wire, and just make a little loop in the top. Then we're just going to get this piece of paper and sort of feed it through the end. Rachel: Oh! Threading it. Kenneth: Right, and then you're just going to wrap the piece of paper. Very good! Rachel: Alright... Kenneth: Now, take our flowers, put this in the center, and you're just going to wrap this around the bottom, and this stretches; just going to get it between your forefinger and your thumb and pull it and stretch it out. And that's going to get you that morning glory... Morning glory shape. Rachel: Wow! It's coming together. Kenneth: Very nice! Rachel: I love it!
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