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How to Hang Magnetic, Painted Boards

Brooks: Okay, so...Hi! How you doing? Janet: The creative geniuses are at work! I can't wait to see the finished product! Brooks: ...Okay, hold it right there. Brooke to the Camera: Now that these three boards are dry with our color they're going to go right onto the wall. They're an easy mount. Simple step is just to attach the bottom one first, a metal strip insert for a little color pizzazz, and then the next one. Three different sections. Brooks: We've put this one up first. We got a level. We made sure it's the heights we wanted, too. I'm using some screws way down to the walls so that way it's secure. Basically a three quarter inch piece of steel, it really makes it pop, and then we spaced it and put this one on top. So pull this back off the wall...up and out. So, where I made my little marks with my drill. It's like hanging a picture. I can even take a screwdriver, like this, instead of a drill... Janet: Okay. Brooks: This goes into the actual dry wall. That way I can run a screw into it and when you want to take it out, you take it out, patch the hole, a little paint and you're back to normal. So Mario, I'm going to have you tap with the screwdriver, those two, and just tap them so they're flush with the wall. And what I did is I just made some holes right here and we're going to take these nice shiny screws. And I'll have you guys hang it and secure it to the wall. Mario: Cool. Brooks: I would like you to drill it. I'll lift it. Adam: I'm going to step back and look at it from here. Brooks: Mario, why don't you make sure on this other side that we are even with the other piece of wood. Mario: Cool. Brooks: And just slide me until I'm even. And you want to be on top of that middle. Are you there? Are you even? Mario: Am I lined up? Janet: Uh huh. Mario: Yup. Brooks: Okay, so, now we want to just run that screw right in. Janet: Anthony, look straight? Brooks: Just push right there. Mario: There you go. Brooks: Stop. Now next one. Janet: Power it in. Brooks: There you go. Mario: There you go. Brooks: A little bit of caulk on the wall. And we just want to push that even with the board. So we're going to pre-mark it. Janet: Okay. Brooks: That's it. Just hit the wall. There you go. Circle movement. Paige: Nice! Wow! That was actually a little...Woo! Brooks: It looks good. Janet: Well done, well done.
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