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Painting Basics: How to Prime Wood Paneling

Jennifer: Because we're doing a lot of colorful accents in the room, we want to kind of keep the walls more mellow, you know, subdued, because there's going to be other pops of color. So, how do you feel about us painting over your paneling? Donna: I would love that. Jennifer: Okay, good. Help me spread this out here. What we need to do first is we need to prime the walls because this wood paneling is finished. It's got a coating on there that will make paint very hard to stick to. Donna: Okay. Jennifer: So we wanna just put the primer on the walls and that way it'll help the paint adhere to the paneling once we get done. Nancy to the Camera: So we've already gotten started with primering the walls and getting the canvas ready. It's important that we start the room clean and pristine so that we can introduce all these fresh new colors and new pieces that we're going to rehab into this space. Simple, fun, and elegant. Jennifer: And this is a water base primer so that if we, you know, spill a little drop it washes up we don't have to use, you know, chemicals to get it up like you would with oil based paint. Donna: Okay, great. Jennifer: You know, you're going to put on the walls just like you would with paint and it's not going to take very long to dry because it's, you know, a nice, warm, dry day. Donna: Okay. Jennifer: So this will only take an hour or two to dry, and once it gets dry then we can come back and put our actual color on the walls. Donna: Oh, great, wonderful! Jennifer: Normally, when you're doing dry wall you kind of do a pattern to keep the edges from lining. We're actually following lines because we've gotta get deep into these grooves. So we're going to have to use a lot of the primer in order to get into these recesses as we're going. Donna: Okay. Am I doing it right? Jennifer: You're doing it right. We just want to get a nice even coverage. Once this is painted it's just going to give us a really nice textured wall effect. You know, this is going to look really sophisticated. Like, right now it's a little rustic? Donna: Yeah. Jennifer: It's going to look so sophisticated. Sometimes all it takes is a coat of paint. Well, a coat of primer and a coat of paint. Sometimes when you're priming wood, you'll see some of the other color from the wood stain or the varnish come out. We don't really care because we're going to paint right over that with our wall paint. So this is not only going to help our wall paint stick, it's going to keep whatever's in the walls in the walls. Donna: Okay, great. Jennifer: That's what primer is great for. Donna: Okay. Donna to the Camera: It was so much fun putting the primer on the walls. Primer has always scared me because I wasn't quite sure what to do with it, but then Jennifer and Nancy explained to me how it goes on and it keeps the stains from the wall from coming through. So, I was excited to actually be able to do it myself, and I can't wait to do the painting next. Jennifer: Woo!
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