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Decorating Technique: Tattooing Wood Surfaces

Jennifer: Okay, we now have a coffee table from your old bar table. Donna: I love it. Jennifer: We are going to use paint stripper to remove the varnish where we have our stencil. Jennifer to the Camera: With our stencil I decided it'd be fun to instead of painting it, we're removing paint. Jennifer: So it'll be like we're almost tattooing the wood. Donna: Oh! That's a great idea. Jennifer: So I have laid this stencil out. This is just adhesive paper, you know like you'd put in your shelves or your drawers. Donna: Okay. Jennifer: You can also use tape just to mark out a pattern. So I want you to peel the back off of this which is always the tricky part. We're just going to drop it in the middle of the hole. Pick a stencil that you like either store bought or one that you make yourself. Stick the sticky side onto your furniture piece. You always want to wear rubber gloves to protect our hands from chemicals. Now, this is a gel paint stripper. We're going to use a gel instead of a liquid because it's going to help to not spread quite as much, we can control the material a little bit better. Donna: Okay. Jennifer: So all we're going to do is grab our paint brushes and we're going to put a nice thick coat on our wood. Donna: That's all it takes? Jennifer: That's all it takes. So simple. Donna to the Camera: I can't wait to see what the tattoo table's gonna look like when it's all finished. I would've never thought that was something you could do to a table. Jennifer: You see we're already done. Woman: Is this it? Jennifer: That's it. Let it sit for half an hour and when we peel it away it'll be amazing. Woman: Oh, my gosh, I can't wait!
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