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How to Make a Coffee Table with Firewood

Kenneth: Alright, guys, I've got everything kind of set-up over here. We're not going to start a fire, but, the whole, like, we're changing the sofa; it's all about the fireplace and the hearth. We need a coffee table. So what I want to do is make one out of fire wood. Giselle: Okay, that sounds nice. Kenneth: Yeah, I think it should be good. Giselle to the Camera: Seeing the firewood of the table in front of the fire place I think is a great idea. It just makes it feel more homey and comfortable. Kenneth: I got, like, three, four bundles of the standard firewood that you find at the grocery store which we're going to use to make the base, and then I got just your standard hot water heater straps that you secure your hot water heater in your garage, your basement, or whatever. I think we'll top it with a nice, pretty, thick piece of glass. Giselle and Max: Nice... very creative. Kenneth: I think it should be nice. See, she's already helping us out by, like, opening it up. Thank you, girl. So, if you want to help load out and get the fire wood open... So, the glass I got was twenty-four inches so I think we should maybe make this around about twenty inches so that will give us a couple of inches on each side. Maybe eighteen to twenty. Max: A couple more, then? Kenneth: Yeah, a couple more. I'll get the straps ready. So, how these work is that you have the straps, you have the two little 'L' brackets here, you just put them together, you pass the bolt that comes with the kit straight through both and then you just put the little nut on the end. Now that we have this framework things will be easier for us to sort of get the wood in here. Glad we have three of us. And here we can put one right there...oh, that was Linda's favorite. Yeah, you'll have to keep her away from this coffee table because I can see her going 'I need a snack.' Max: There you go. (All laugh) Giselle: It's like piecing together a puzzle. Kenneth: It is. I think that's good. Want to hold that tape measure up there and let's just try to get the metal band right in the's sixteen we'll get this around eight. Tighten away. And I'll turn them all nice and straight. I think that's good, I think that will do it. Now, I got a nice, really super thick, polished edge of glass; it's going to be three quarters inch thick, thirty-six inches long and that will just sit on here really nicely. Giselle: I think it will look beautiful. Kenneth: And when you're done with it, toss it into the fire. (All laugh)
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