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Easy Tips for Organizing Closets

Brooks: Well, you know I couldn't believe there was no carpet in this closet, so an easy solution, a piece of remnant filled up that gaping hole. We didn't have to get expensive wood floor and lay it down. We just put a nice piece of remnant carpet in here and that really gives it a polished finish. Easy, simple solution. We got a nice, clean space, but before we put all of our clothes back in we want to clean the closet. So, I use a Swiffer Duster 360. It's great for short people, tall people. You can get it nice and clean; especially all that dust off of there because you know we've had probably stuff in the closet for quite a while. Now, when I want to go over tips with you guys, I want you to really think about what we're putting in these areas. So, you've got a lot of shoes, and you've got a lot of shoes, and we've got a lot of different types of clothes we want to hang. So when you're hanging your clothes, picking out a really simple thin hanger is a great way to save space. All this area we can actually compact about 30 percent more of those clothes in that short area. They have some great decorative hangers that are thin, and not the big boat hangers, wood hangers, plastic hangers, but there are thinner hangers with a nice felt, there's a nice look to them. Just an easy, simple solution. When you're doing storage in different bins like this that are already pre-built, that you're dealing with, they have premade baskets that are great to pull out so you can do your linens right in the laundry room, and carry, and put them right back in for storage. When we added some shelves on this side, we're thinking about not only for storage, for books, for anything in the bedroom, but you might want to use it for your shoes. Some of these were pre-existing built-ins. Like everything, this whole section here that's white, you had to deal with. We cut up that dresser and repurposed it so everything right here that's stained is what we added. This gives you that extra amount of storage for books, shoes, anything you want. There was nothing here before except for more space to hang clothes, but by buying simple streamline hangers will add 30 percent more clothes to this side. Easy as that. Patty: I like it. Brooks: We're out to hang clothes. Let's go grab hangers. Patty: Can I keep cleaning? Brooks: You can clean.
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