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How to Reupholster a Chair

Bradley: Alright, I'm back. Tracy: Oh, yay. Perfect. Bradley: Where we at? Tracy: The chairs that we found are fantastic. They're black and they really don't need much except new fabric on the seat. So Bradley and I are just going to unscrew the seats, pull them off, wrap around fabulous fabric, and screw them back in. Easy peasy. Tracy: What I like about this, having the black side out, is you know, we all drop things on furniture and what not and the black will hide stains more. Tracy: Now, let's pull this here. Bradley: Tight? Tracy: Yeah, so you can really kind of man handle a little bit. And I'm going to recommend that we pull it really, really, really tight cause this curb is going to be gorgeous on the chair. Tracy: Would you put a staple right there? Bradley: Right here? Tracy: Tada! Look at what you did! Bradley: This is nice, now we got to do this one. Tracy: Here sit on it. Bradley: This is great. Tracy: Here, let's sit on it. Uh, whose butt's too big now? (Laughter) Bradley: Alright. Tracy: So I saved the screws and I put them in with the tape so we didn't lose them. Bradley: Here we go. Tracy: Awesome, look at that, its sucking up great. Another one. Bradley: Cool, nice. Tracy: What I love about this is the hounds tooth really pulls out, you know what I mean? You really see all the black. Bradley: Yeah, it's good. Tracy: Alright get up we have painting to do. Bradley: Yeah, just checking the fit, just checking the fit.
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