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Invitation and Thank You Card Tips

Kenneth: So I grew up in a very southern household. My mother and grandmother—super strict when it came to thank you notes and invitations. Shelle: Oh, mine too, I know. Kenneth: It's great; I think it's very, very important. Shelle: Yes. Kenneth: For those who did not have a southern grandmother however, you can go to and they have sort of simple steps for thank you note and invitations. Shelle: Perfect. Kenneth: for invitations there are a couple of just simple things that most people know but it's always good to have a refresher. If you need to know how many people are going to be there, put RSVP. Shelle: Yeah Kenneth: It stands for 'repondez, s'il vous plait' which is French for basically, please respond. Shelle: Oh, I didn't know that. Kenneth: If you don't need to know who comes but need to just know who's not going to come, just put 'regrets only.' Shelle: Oh okay. Kenneth: You know, for a smaller party you don't need to know. Um, a couple of little subtle things which I'm getting used to now that I have a small child, if you don't want kids, it's an adult party—'adults only.' And if it doesn't say that, if you are a parent just call the host and say like "should I bring little Suzy or Timmy?" and the host won't be offended and it will keep you from feeling awkward showing up with your kids when they shouldn't be there. Shelle: Oh my gosh. Kenneth: Um, exactly. Then just sort of a general nicety, is when you get invited you should always just ask the host "is there anything I can bring?" Shelle: yeah, yeah. Kenneth: You know, "are you okay, can I help out?" Those few things just makes, you know... Shelle: A world of difference Kenneth: Yeah, exactly. For thank you notes, and Capritra will be writing a lot of these I have a feeling after her 40th birthday party. Shelle: Yeah I'll be helping. Kenneth: You should really try to get them out a week after you've received the gift. If it's the holidays or a wedding, you know 3-6 months is fine because people do understand. They should always, they need to be short, just like 3-6 sentences or so. Make sure you list the item, so "thank you very much for this lovely toaster oven, I plan to use it." Tell them how you plan to use it, so they know it's, and be sincere, truly be sincere about it. Kenneth: Alright so we need to finish up the rest of these invitations. Shelle: Okay! I'm ready.
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