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Kirstan: Work's getting started in Royce's bedroom. We're going to get the first layer of paint done in there. Amy: Woah woah woah what are you doing? You have to go -- what is going on? It's either an "m" or a "w". That way you don't get a weird checkerboard on your wall and you can fill it in. Always lead with a wet edge so that you don't get hard lines. Royale: Back up, back up -- a "w" is coming through. Amy: Alright, alright. That's a cursive "w", nice! Royale: So the painting experience is always fun because I get to share the experience with my wife. We've painted rooms before but the truth of the matter is, neither of us know how to paint. I wouldn't say that in front of her, but to get the assistance of professionals so that they can share some stuff with both of us so that next time around we both feel good about what very little skills we've both picked up, at least it gives us the encouragement to give it a shot. Royale: Here we go, I'll put a "w" right here. See that? That's a "w". Clear the "w" right up. Get up there. Get the corner. Slide with it and ride with it -- that's painting terms right there. Kristan: That's professional industry talk. What's the professional painting term for when you leave the spots? Royale: For when you leave the spots? Kristan: When you have spots coming through what's that called? Royale: Come on out. Kristan: It's called a holiday! Kristan: You know the way they say choke up on a baseball bat? It's the same way with a brush. The further up the hand it is, the more control you have. Because when it's way back here it's like this. So if you can get your hand on the front and use your finger to apply the pressure you can almost hold your hand still and use your finger to do the work. April: Painting is going well. They're teaching us the techniques, so I have a new appreciation for painting!
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