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Kenneth: Jesse was telling me about the great idea for the herb garden, so I'm helping him out and emptying out these tomato cans. What I'm going to do is freeze it in cup full measures, so you can pull it out and know exactly this is one cup. So I'm going to get all these done, we'll plant the herbs in them, and then we still have a little bit of wallpaper leftover, so I thought wrap the cans and....this is going to be the cutest herb set ever. Kenneth: This is going to be great I think. You all got great herbs! Just pop them right out of here. Monique: *laughter* Look what I'm doing! I'm like, this doesn't fit! Kenneth: Yeah we have to work on your whole green thumb thing. I think starting small like this is good. Monqiue: How do I get this out, like this? Kenneth: Yeah, tap it lightly at the bottom and it pops right out. Pop it into the can, and then hit the can. We'll get more of our leftover wallpaper and wrap it around. Monique: I have a problem! Kenneth: Something like that is great because it's a really big plant and you can divide it just like pull it in half with your fingers and you'll get like two or three plants out of that. Monique: Like this? Kenneth: Exactly. So boom -- two plants for the price of one. Kenneth: The thing is they're going to grow, so you can do that with any plant at all. And the reason I'm planting these first is so that you don't get dirt all over the wallpaper. *sprays adhesive* Kenneth: The great thing is that this entire little project -- planting -- costs absolutely nothing. Because it's with everything we already have, which my mother would be happy that we're doing. She's a total "waste not, want not!" Kenneth: Cheers! Yay -- I love this!
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