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How to Create Shelves with Drawers

PATRICK BROWN What we're... PATRICK BROWN ...doing is we've got these dresser drawers and we're going to put these up on the wall in a random pattern... PATRICK BROWN ...and they're going to wind up being shelves when we put them up, okay? FRANK Okay. PATRICK BROWN So, you want me to show you how to do that? Is, I pick the center part of the wall. So, if you want to take that tape measure and we'll just measure to the center of the wall, which I have about 142 inches and the center of that would be 71. And then we want it to be right about eye length, which is different for some people than it is for others. FRANK Exactly. PATRICK BROWN So, I'll make it a little bit lower than my eye length. FRANK Of course. PATRICK BROWN So, if you'll hand me this first drawer, I'm going to show you a real simple way... FRANK Okay. PATRICK BROWN ...of putting these up. Now, I'll hold it here if you grab the level. Put that right on top, so we know whether we're level or not. The bubble should be right between those two lines. Looking good? FRANK Yep, looks good. PATRICK BROWN Okay, so grab that drill right over there and then, just in each corner, drill a hole through the drawer and then go ahead and hit the wall with that drill, too. Try to get up in the corner as much as you can, okay? FRANK Okay. PATRICK BROWN Great. All right, now one more quick tip before we take this down is take that pencil and we want to draw lines around the corner, so that when we put this back up, we know exactly where it goes, okay? FRANK Okay. Just on the edges? PATRICK BROWN Yep. FRANK Okay. PATRICK BROWN I'll do this one. All right, right in that corner. Okay, now, let's take this down. The next thing we want to do is take these anchors and drive these... PATRICK BROWN ...right into the holes, okay? PATRICK BROWN Well, you ready to finish putting this one up? FRANK Definitely. PATRICK BROWN All right. Get the screws that go into the anchors. And so, it should be pretty close now, because I've got this right where the pencil marks are. Is it in there? FRANK Yep, it's there. PATRICK BROWN Go for it. Not difficult at all, is it? FRANK No. PATRICK BROWN And this'll hold up quite a bit of weight. And then we get this one started over here. And then after we get this one up, we're going to randomly put the rest of them all up on the wall. FRANK This will be great for Kristen. I know she really wants to have something like this for her business, so... PATRICK BROWN Yeah, and it'll look really different. It already looks hugely different in here... FRANK Oh, definitely. PATRICK BROWN ...with this color in here. While you finish doing those two, I'm going to... FRANK Okay. PATRICK BROWN ...go ahead and start lining this next one up, okay? FRANK All right. PATRICK BROWN All right, I think we're making good progress.
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