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WANDA COL?N Okay Melissa, I have everything set up here for our project. MELISSA Okay. WANDA COL?N Have you ever seen the pressed flower coasters? MELISSA Yes. WANDA COL?N So that's basically what we're doing but we're doing it in a larger scale and we're going to hang it over a window like a transom. MELISSA Oh, wow. That's going to be pretty... WANDA COL?N Yeah. MELISSA ...with the light shining through. WANDA COL?N Right, exactly. So I think that will look really nice in the, in the whole room, making it look like a bed and breakfast and just bringing that floral theme into the room. MELISSA Perfect. WANDA COL?N Excellent. Melissa, we are using two sheets of acrylic. You can use glass, anything that's clear basically you could use. And what we're going to do is we're going to take these flowers and press them in between the glasses. MELISSA Oh, that will look nice. WANDA COL?N And it's just like the pressed flowers. So that's what we're going to do. So we're going to glue them on and then press them together and glue these two pieces on. MELISSA Okay, that sounds easy enough. WANDA COL?N So, and then it will look really pretty like when the sun is coming through the window, I thought that would look really nice. MELISSA That will, that will be perfect for that room downstairs. WANDA COL?N Excellent, so I'm going to have you cut the flowers, and the only trick is we're really wanting the flowers to be as flat as possible. MELISSA Okay. WANDA COL?N So what you're going to... MELISSA So cut back here. WANDA COL?N ...basically you're going to reconstruct the flower. There you go. That's perfect. That's perfect. So let's keep doing that and I'll take the hydrangea and cut those. And we also have some dried leaves. So you could use a variety of things. You could even use real flowers and then dry them because there's a silica gel that dries real flowers. So I... MELISSA Okay. WANDA COL?N ...wanted to just kind of, I know that you're busy. I know that you have a lot of projects. You're working with all of us today. So I wanted to cut a step and that's why I decided to do silk flowers and dried leaves. MELISSA Okay. All right. WANDA COL?N That's nice. Okay, so what I'm doing now is just gluing down the pieces with this glue gun. Take a look, and are you happy with the placement of everything? MELISSA I love it. It looks great. WANDA COL?N So what we do is just, will you get that other piece of... MELISSA Sure. WANDA COL?N ...acrylic. And what we're going to do is just put this on top and press it just like you would the pressed flower. So that's, that's really as simple as it is. And the reason I picked this size, now that it's all done I love this size. Your window is really big. MELISSA It is. It's a big window. WANDA COL?N So, yeah, so I wanted to make sure that I got a piece that really complimented that. So I think any size, any shape would have looked good there but I think this is going to look great there. MELISSA It is, I think it will. WANDA COL?N I'm just going to mark off two little points right here where I'm going to take a drill, drill a little hole and then I'm just going to add a chain and that's what it's, that's what it's going to hang from. MELISSA All right, beautiful.
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