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How to Play Guitar: Beginners / Blues Scale: 12-Bar Blues

Watch more Beginner Guitar Lessons videos: Subscribe to Howcast's YouTube Channel - Learn how to play a 12-bar blues scale in this video from Howcast's How to Play Guitar: Beginners series. Howcast uploads the highest quality how-to videos daily! Be sure to check out our playlists for guides that interest you: Subscribe to Howcast's other YouTube Channels: Howcast Health Channel - Howcast Video Games Channel - Howcast Tech Channel - Howcast Food Channel - Howcast Arts & Recreation Channel - Howcast Sports & Fitness Channel - Howcast Personal Care & Style Channel - Howcast empowers people with engaging, useful how-to information wherever, whenever they need to know how. Emphasizing high-quality instructional videos, Howcast brings you experts who provide accurate information in easy-to-follow tutorials on everything from makeup, hairstyling, nail art design, and soccer to parkour, skateboarding, dancing, kissing, and much, much more. So now that we know some open chords, let's go ahead and use that to play the 12-Bar Blues, right? Almost every single blues song goes the same way. If there were two variations, one could fast blue and one could be slow blues. So, we'll talk about the fast one now. So, here we go! I'm going to use E7, right? You remember that. And then A7, right? And then B7. I know B7's tricky but let's use that, we need that chord, right? So you have to practice that one, right? And now, let's use one of our strums. How about that first one? That first one was down, down, up, up, down - right? We can use that, that's fine. So what we're going to do is going to do E7 for four bars, or four measures or four of these strums: down, down, up, up, down. 2? 3? 4? So there's four bars, right? Now I'm going to move to A7 and we're going to do that for two bars or two measures, right? Down, down, up? So, now we're going to move back to E7 for another two, right? So, so far, pretty easy, right? Four E's, two A's, two E's. Now the last line's a little trickier - we're going to go to B7 - for one; then A7 - for one and then we're going to play E7 for two more times and that should fill out our 12. Right? So let's do that again. I'm going to do it all without stopping, right? So we got one? two? three? four, A7? one? two and back to E7? three? four - B7? one? A7 for one and then E7 for two. Right? And that can go on for ever and ever and ever. Not only is that the blues, that's a lot of early rock music that goes that way, so you've got a lot of ways to use the 12-Bar Blues. No problems.
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