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How To Sing High Notes

Watch more Singing Tips videos: Subscribe to Howcast's YouTube Channel - Learn how to sing high notes with these tips. Howcast uploads the highest quality how-to videos daily! Be sure to check out our playlists for guides that interest you: Subscribe to Howcast's other YouTube Channels: Howcast Health Channel - Howcast Video Games Channel - Howcast Tech Channel - Howcast Food Channel - Howcast Arts & Recreation Channel - Howcast Sports & Fitness Channel - Howcast Personal Care & Style Channel - Howcast empowers people with engaging, useful how-to information wherever, whenever they need to know how. Emphasizing high-quality instructional videos, Howcast brings you experts who provide accurate information in easy-to-follow tutorials on everything from makeup, hairstyling, nail art design, and soccer to parkour, skateboarding, dancing, kissing, and much, much more. Step 1: Practice "mixed voice" Practice singing scales in a "mixed voice," which is a balance between the chest voice -- the normal speaking voice, and the head voice -- a much higher register. Tip Singing high notes using only the chest voice can cause nodules and cysts to develop on the vocal chords. Step 2: Visualize Visualize the note you are trying to reach in your head. Don't listen to the music or your voice. Instead, go by feel to reach a desired pitch. Step 3: Use correct muscles Use the correct muscles for hitting high notes, which are the larynx and surrounding muscles, not the throat muscles used for swallowing. Tip Your larynx should be still while singing high notes. If you are using the wrong muscles, it will move and cut off your air. Step 4: Practice Practice often, at different times of the day, and practice yodeling. Start with a note at the top of your middle range and go up in half steps until you max out. Step 5: Lie down Lie down and practice singing with books on your abdomen to show air going in and out, or stand with your back against a wall to emphasize correct use of your diaphragm. Step 6: Consider a vocal coach Consider training with a vocal coach, who will not only train you to sing high notes safely but also help you reach your singing goals. Did You Know? Did you know? Soprano Maria Callas renounced her American citizenship in 1966 in order to nullify her marriage to Giovanni Meneghini.
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