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Java Essentials for Android

Learn Java for android development. No experience required. Includes web-based exercises.

Cost: $89 Per Course


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WANT TO DEVELOP ANDROID APPS? YOU MUST KNOW JAVA HERES WHERE TO LEARN BOTHBasics of Java tied directly into basics of Android developmentInstructor, David Janzen, does a great job of explaining the basics of Java and tying that into the basics of Android app creation. Not particularly easy subjects, but Mr. Janzen's engaging approach covers each topic thoroughly. Highly recommended. I'd definitely be interested in a more advanced course for Java, one that takes up where this one ended. Ken Meyer Todays #1 language for todays #1 mobile platformJava. Whats Java? Its a computer programming language thats fast, secure, and super-reliable. Youll find Java on apps for laptops, datacenters, game consoles, super-computers, and the internet.Youll ALSO find Java on Android cell phones and tablet computers. Java is the base language used in developing Android apps. No Java no Android apps.In this course, Java Essentials for Android, youll learn not just Java, but get an intro to the Android platform, too. If you havent heard, Android just happens to be the worlds most popular mobile device platform by far. Android is the beating heart of hundreds of millions of mobile devices in nearly 200 countries all around the globe. Stats say that every day, over 1,000,000 NEW users power-up brand new Android devices. You read it right: Android attracts a MILLION new users every single day. So if youre looking to leverage the time and your talents, you gotta learn Java for Android development!Curious? Monitor a class right now FREE!Want to see what this course is like? Go ahead, sit in on an actual lesson by clicking our free lecture in Chapter 12: Arrays. Free sample, yours without cost or obligation.Stay ahead of your competition: other developersWho want to learn Java? This language is mandatory for anyone who wants to build Android apps. And its increasingly important for web designers and developers who want (and need) to increase and expand your skill sets in todays competitive world.Are you an entrepreneur? If youre savvy enough to be a successful businessperson in todays web world, you surely realize you need skills like Java development to stay ahead of the crowdand to keep up with your own developers. Students: gotta have it if youre gonna make it after graduation. And of course knowing Java is an essential tool for anyone who wants to write computer programsand for those who want to write automated tests for Java programs.Become a successful Android app developer no experience necessaryOur course, Java Essentials for Android, teaches you how to program in the Android Programming Language. Youre going to learn Java for Android and learn to become an android app developer.You dont need much to get started, not even programming experience. First, you need the desire to learn Java, and second, you need a computer with a browser installed. And an internet connection. Really and truly thats about it! This tutorial teaches you Java from the inside out, right from scratch. Youre going to learn what you need to get started on Android app development.


  • Level of Difficulty: Advanced
  • Size: Large Class
  • Instructor: David Janzen
  • Cost: $89 Per Course
  • Institution: Udemy

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