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Yoga For Insomnia: The 4-week Cure

Learn a variety of simple (yet potent) yogic techniques involving breath, movement and meditation to overcome insomnia.

Topics: Yoga
Cost: $40 Per Course


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There is a sleep crisis in this country. Insomnia is an epidemic affecting millions of people. Yoga is a naturalsolution to the stress and anxiety that feeds insomnia. Yoga is a perfectantidote to sleeplessness precisely because it is so deeply soothing andrelaxing for both the body and the mind. Inthis simple yet effective Yoga for Insomnia course you will learn how to overcomeinsomnia with yoga which is designed andtaught by Eddie Marashian, one of the top yoga instructors in LosAngeles. Eddie is an expert at demystifying yoga so that all peoplecan receive the benefits of this ancient healing practice.In this course you willreceive:4 Motivational talksproviding insight, inspiration, food for thought and positive intentions3 Routines of YogaposesAM, PM and Chair (perfect if you are injured, out of shape or stuck atthe office)2 Calming breathexercises4 Healing, guidedmeditations4 Audio sleep-timerelaxations2 Schedules--full andshort--depending on the amount of time you can spend each dayI designed this Yoga for Insomnia course for anyone whohas trouble sleeping. You dont have to be flexible or physically fit in order to subscribe to learn how to overcome insomnia with yoga, and complete beginners are most welcome. If you can'tdedicate 1 hour per day, I've also included a short version of the course thatwill only take 10-20 minutes. To be successful in this course, all youneed is a desire to heal your insomnia and the commitment to followthrough. Here's how it works:In the full schedule,each day you will:Start with amotivational talk (5 min.)Practice a basic routineof yoga poses to relax your body (15-20 min.)Pause for a centeringbreath exercise before dinner (10-15 min.)Follow a guidedmeditation before you get into bed (10 min.)Listen to a sleep-timerelaxation as you fall asleep (15-20 min)In the short schedule,each day you will: Choose one segment from the full routine to practice (5-15 min)Listen to a sleep-time relaxation as you fall asleep (15-20 min)You can change your life in 4 weeks! I believe in your potential toheal. Are you willing to give yoga a try? Ill be right here withyou, supporting you each step of the way.Namaste,Eddie


  • Level of Difficulty: Beginner
  • Size: Large Class
  • Instructor: Eddie Marashian
  • Cost: $40 Per Course
  • Institution: Udemy
  • Topics: Yoga

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