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Become a Certified Web Developer

Complete coverage of HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP for the Certified Web Developer Exam.

Cost: $199 Per Course


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Learn What It Takes to Code Dynamic, Professional Websites and Web Apps From The Comfort of Your Own Home Do you ever browse the internet wondering how your favorite websites were built?Facebook, Twitter, Amazonthey were all created by people who at one point in time didnt know anything about coding. How did they obtain this knowledge? In this comprehensive course, Im going to show you everything you need to know so that you can follow in these peoples footsteps. Youre going to learn how to code AND youre going to become a certified professional from a recognized international trainer. And best of all, youre going to have fun doing it.You Dont Have to Be a Genius or a Mathematical Wizard So many people believe that you must have a special gift to create professional quality, dynamic websites/web apps. Im here to tell you once and for all that this is false. All you need to have is the desire to learn and the ability to follow instructionsthats it! Our course starts teaching basic coding principles and develops your coding skills in a variety of languages from beginner through to advanced. Here it is, once and for all, a complete guide that will take you from novice to web developer.Skip Hours of Frustration and Thousands of Wasted Dollars and Become 100% Certified The internet has changed the rules of doing business. More and more companies are migrating online while many new, never before seen businesses are created every day thanks to the power of this phenomenon. You know what that means? Higher demand for people just like you! But the problem for these businesses is that while demand is high, supply is short. Please dont let a lack of knowledge stop you from having the career of your dreams, not when the knowledge you need is right here and is extremely affordable. Dont worry, you wont need to buy any additional courses, its all here. No need to spend four years and over $15,000 per year in college tuition eitherit really is all here. From HTML to CSS then to Javascript and finally PHP, you will learn how to Become a Certified Web Developer.It Doesnt Matter Where Youre Starting From...You Can Do It! Maybe: Youre planning on studying coding at college and want to build a rock solid foundation so that you have a huge head start before your course begins? Youre dissatisfied with your current job and want to learn exactly what it takes to become a fully qualified web developer? Youre currently working in IT but want to expand your skill base so that youre 100% up to date with the latest developments in web technology? You want to develop mobile apps or websites on the side to create some additional income while retaining your current job?Learn Skills That Will Benefit You for The Rest of Your Life - Imagine being able to create a web app that is downloaded by millions of paying customersor a website thats visited by people from all seven continents. - Imagine the limitless opportunities that having these programming skills will give you. - Imagine working in a field that challenges you and allows you to express yourself freely every day. - Imagine being paid extremely well for developing products and services that can help change peoples lives. Stop imagining and take action! Its time to start your journey. Your future is waiting for you...Prepare for Valuable Industry CertificationThis course is specially designed to prepare you for the Certified Web Developer (Basic) exam from LearnToProgram, Inc. This certification will allow you to prove that you have achieved competencies in HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP/mySQL-- everything you need to create basic web applications. This course covers everything you need to pass the exam. You can register for the exam ($49) at Web Developers Certified Web Developers will receive:A printed certificate indicating your new certification that you can present to employers or prospectsA letter explaining the certification and its value to a prospective employer. The letter will state exactly what mastery the certification representsAuthorization to use the LearnToProgram Certified Web Developer Badge on your website and marketing materialsA listing in LearnToProgram's new "Certified Developers" Directory


  • Level of Difficulty: Beginner
  • Size: Large Class
  • Instructor: Mark Lassoff
  • Cost: $199 Per Course
  • Institution: Udemy

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