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7 Days to Living Your Yoga Practice!

In just 7 days, you will learn how to create a complete yoga lifestyle by building a home practice that works for you!

Cost: $49 Per Course


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Thiseasy and empowering, real-life, and comprehensive course is taught by Alanna Kaivalya , voted one ofAmericas favorite yoga instructors under the age of 40 by YogaJournal Magazine , and an expert in making the timeless, enriching powerof yoga accessible to the modern day practitioner. Theonlineyoga classes have been developed to teach you, inonly 7 days, how to live the yoga lifestyle youve been dreaming of to helpmaintain a healthy body, a clear mind, and an uplifted spirit. This innovativemethod of teaching shows you exactly how to incorporate yoga into your everydaylife by giving you a 7 day primer that you can continue to follow every week,or simply follow Alannas week-long guidance to take your yoga practice to thenext level and feel empowered, invigorated and enlightened!Yogashealth benefits are well recognized by the global community and Alanna makesthe yoga practice simple, easy to follow and accessible so you can understand exactly how to live like a yogi- bothon and off the mat.As a bonus to the videoportion of the program, you receive lectures on yoga philosophy to help you getstarted on a path of mental clarity, and a comprehensive course guide that willcontinue to be a valued resource anytime - long after your first 7 days leadinga complete yoga lifestyle!What is a Complete Yoga Lifestyle?1 Body - Yoga promises personal transformation and health. Tofulfill this promise as a yogi, you start each day by doing your practice. Ayoga practice can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as 90. The key isconsistency. This course shows you exactly how to craft and create your yoga routineto become a natural part of your life - just like brushing your teeth.2 Mind - Alanna offers you insight not only into thehealth-restoring benefits of yoga, but also into the mind-clearing benefits ofthe yoga philosophy by keeping it real, practical and down to earth. Yogaphilosophy is an easy lens to look through and change your perspective on life.Alanna shares with you simple, uncomplicated ways to do this and make life looka little brighter. 3 Spirit - Unfettered by dogma or doctrine, Alannas modern daywisdom illuminates the power of the yoga practice to bring complete well-being,beginning with the transformation of the body and the clearing of the mind, butalso by giving insights as to how to live with a free and open heart. Itssimple, and it starts with our intention, our focus on our breath and using ouryoga practice to affect more than just what happens on our mat. Her lectureswill show you creative ways to let your yoga practice change you...and yourworld.


  • Level of Difficulty: Beginner
  • Size: Large Class
  • Instructor: Alanna Kaivalya
  • Cost: $49 Per Course
  • Institution: Udemy

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