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Market Your Message: Ignite Curiosity. Inspire Action.

Learn how speak with confidence about yourself and your work. It's time to turn hesitation into results!

Topics: Marketing, Education
Cost: $29 Per Course


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What makes a personcompelling? In this chaotic,over-stimulated environment, what makes people stop in their tracks, perk uptheir ears, and hunger for more? If youre interested in selling your organization, the art of communication iscritical. I will teach you how to grabthe listeners attention so they stayengaged and curious. Your marketing campaign begins with your ability to speak with confidence, pitching yourself and your business. While it may be uncomfortable at first topromote yourself with passion and enthusiasm, this one act alone will fuel your business success. Do you have a dynamic and compelling elevatorpitch at a moment's notice? Once youtake the time to learn how to communicate confidently, you will shine brightlyand ignite curiosity in everyone you meet.Inthis course about how to speak with confidence, I will teach you:1. How to connect to the passion you feel for your business or organization.2. How to identify and remove negative thoughts that have been holding youback.3. How to find the spark of your story so you can ignite the curiosity of thelistener.4. How to craft a dynamic elevator pitch.5. How to seek opportunitites to connect with new prospects.6. How to capture the hearts and minds of your audience at any presentation.Who should attend?This presentation training course is ideal for anyone who has ever answered thequestion, "So, what do you do?". If you have ever experienced the slightestbit of hesitation, then you are missing the single biggest marketingopportunity to sell yourself and your business. Learning how to LOVE sharing yourvision with the world is easy. Learnhow today.These video tutorials help you transform yourself from reluctantpromoter to passionate communicator and teach you how to speak withconfidence. You were born to shine brightly, the trick is learning how! Testimonial------------------------------------------------------Are you dying to get a reality show about your amazing business?Do you want to be a host on the Today Show or a guest on a hot new OWNshow? Perhaps you want to give a killer presentation before 1500 people? Yes, Iwant all of those things too. So in order to prepare for my to-be-determinedbreak out role, I have been meeting weekly with Alexa Fischer. She is the bestmedia coach I have EVER worked with. Some of you have probably met Alexa atSmarty events. She is beautiful, always poised and her sparkly green eyes lightup the room.When I met her, I instantly liked her and wanted to work with her. WhatI didn't know when I met her is how influential she would be on my business.Alexa's media coaching has not only given me the confidence to NAIL my screentests but she has also helped me prepare to be the face of my company when notin front of the camera. I now deliver my message more clearly, stand withbetter posture and believe in myself as a public speaker and media figure. So,if any of you are looking to become the best versions of yourself, on and offthe camera - Alexa Fischer is your golden ticket.-Nicole Pollard Founder, LALA LUXEP.S. Ask me how Alexa made me $20k next time you see me! It's a magicalstory. -----------------------------------------------


  • Level of Difficulty: Beginner
  • Size: Large Class
  • Instructor: Alexa Fischer
  • Cost: $29 Per Course
  • Institution: Udemy
  • Topics: Marketing, Education

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