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Guitar Insanity Workout - Eatmystrings!

Amazing guitar picking exercises to develop great technique, Results in just 30 days!

Topics: Jazz, General Music, Guitar
Cost: $49 Per Course


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Welcome to the "Eatmystrings - Guitar Insanity Workout"This course will help you develop guitar-picking techniques throughguitar picking exercises, masterpentatonic shapes, modes and arpeggios! It will work for beginners as well asadvanced guitarists.First, you will start from 85 BPM with simple warm-up guitar exercises,then it will move to 5 E minor pentatonic shapes, scales and the last techniquewould be sweep. Don't skip the slow part because this is how you will get the bestworkout! The slower you do it, the more control you have over your hands! Play through section 1 every day once a week. You will notice theimprovement on your right hand touch and will have full control over yourhands! Once you feelcomfortable with section 1, start working on section 2 (100 BPM), and continueyour daily workout on section 1When you get to section 2 you will notice different and more complicatedpentatonic licks and instead of 5 pentatonic shapes, we will get into 7 modesfrom G major scale to 6 string arpeggios.Start adding exercises from part2 into your daily workout and keep practicing part 1 daily!It will take some time to master part 2, but pretty soon you will startseeing results! Once you are comfortable playingthrough section 2 move on to section 3 (120 BPM)Section 3 is the final part of the workout and will help you polish yourtechnique and make all the transitions smooth! It contains a new set of warm uplicks, all 7 modes and sweep arpeggios.Gradually start adding section 3 to your daily workout and continuepracticing sections 1 and 2. By the time you get to the third section you will see a difference inyour playing! After completing section 3, practice this workout daily. After all theshapes are mastered and desired level is achieved, you can use part 3 as adaily warm-up!


  • Level of Difficulty: Advanced
  • Size: Large Class
  • Instructor: Alex Feather Akimov
  • Cost: $49 Per Course
  • Institution: Udemy
  • Topics: Jazz, General Music, Guitar

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