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Andy Phillips Webinar Profit Secrets

Discover How To Use Webinars To Grow Business Profits And To Create A Lucrative Income From Webinars

Topics: General Business, Marketing
Cost: $10 Per Course


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Over 1 Hour And 20 Minutes Of Pure Content - Discover the top 5 Webinar Models Yes... Now you can discover the top ways you can make real profits from oneof the most immediate and personal sales tools available. I show you how to usethe top 5 Business Webinar models that giveyou the opportunity to turn this into another business Income Stream.I have sold this course in the past but now Im giving you all accesscompletely free of charge so you can take massive advantage of this lucrativeand essential route to more leads and salesIn this FREE training course from me Andy Phillips, I will share myexperience in how to use readily available and easy to use on-line software toput on Webinars that can be broadcast worldwide to invited and targetedaudiences.As you can see this is a massively comprehensive course, which guides youtechnically through the software set up, but more importantly How to Create a Webinar for maximum marketingimpact. This course is worth hundreds of dollars and will help you to become aWebinar Expert instantly.Module 1An Introduction into the world of Webinars where you can build your ownbusinesses Reputation, Authority and Visibility whilst Engaging with your coremarket at the Front Line You can also use webinars to build an lucrativeOn-Line Business.Module 2 Webinar Model 1 The Webinar Broker / OrganizerThis is your opportunity to help other businesses reach their targetedaudience, for a fee. This model is great for people who are just starting outin the webinar business. You dont need a list, a product, a website and youdont need any traffic.Module 3 Webinar Model 2 The Webinar HostThis Business Model is a way which you can work with any business which iscomplimentary to your core business and offering their products to yourcustomers. This will provide added value to your audience and make commissionsfrom your guest.Module 4 Webinar Model 3 The Affiliate ShowcaseA very simple model where you can sell products which are made by other peoplebut you have an affiliate arrangement which means you get paid commissions forpromotion of other peoples products and services. I show some easy tips andtricks to boost profits.Module 5 Webinar Model 4 The Ultimate Expert ModelThis is where you are selling your products to your targeted audience. This isan advanced sales proposition, however this is the ultimate goal and easilyachievable as your business goes.Module 6 Webinar Model 5 The Paid Webinar SeriesNow were getting serious. This is an in depth insight in how to create aseries of webinars which your customers would pay to attend. I do these all thetime and then package the webinar recordings up and sell these within amembership site.Module 7 The Tools Of The TradeIn this video I show you what microphones you should use and how to use them,which presentation software to use for both Macs and PC to deliver informationclearly on your webinars and the importance and use of List building andAuto-Responder software. Loads of tips on getting the most from your webinars.Module 8 Webinar Set Up Part 1In this video I show you how to set up the Webinar Software, how to get free orlow cost trials of the software and how to set a Webinar up from scratch.Module 9 Webinar Set Up Part 2In this second video I show you how to set up the branding and theme of thewebinar software. This is what prospects and customers will see so this part isincredibly important.Module 10 Webinar Set Up Part 3The third part of the set up section and here I show you how to set up theregistration process correctly. Its essential to get as many people on yourwebinar as possible so I show you how to set up your webinar with the leastpath of resistance.Module 11 From FREE Trial To WebinarIn just 14 minutes I show you how to set a Webinar up from scratch, right fromregistering for the FREE Trial right the way through to sending outinvitations.. If you get stuck then this is the video youd want toreplay. ** Note: This video was originally created for my MastermindGroup.


  • Level of Difficulty: Advanced
  • Size: Large Class
  • Instructor: Andy Phillips
  • Cost: $10 Per Course
  • Institution: Udemy
  • Topics: General Business, Marketing

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