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Learn Python, it's CAKE (Beginners)

Python training for beginners who would like to write programs but don't have a clue how to write python code.

Cost: $59 Per Course


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Python training for beginners who want to write programs but don't have a clue!Bonus Youll Build 5 Working Applications!I was just a kid wanting to program stuff.I was just a kid wanting to program stuff. I thought Python was above me. But Jason Elbourne makes it easy and learnable! Mike KimIm in loveAfter taking this course, I am in love with Python!!!! Thank you , Jason! Ksenia Levenkova New to programming? Get in here. Were assuming youve never programmed, ever. Of course, if you have some programming experience, thats OK, too. You may have done some programming but never experimented with Python. You get in here, too.Pythons the easiest programming language to learn.Python is a programming language used to write software in a wide variety of application domains. Many programmers report its the first language they learned; others say its the very simplest language to start with.Its basic premise is code should be readable; it should be able to be read and understood easily. Python is easier to write than many programming languages because it requires fewer lines of code to be written. And Python can be used to write large and small applications. So Python is the application language of choice for many large and small businesses, organizations, and developers.and Pythons simple to use.Python is easy to learn and simple to use. That makes it a PERFECT language for beginners and newcomers to computer programming. And thats what this Python training, Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner is all about this course makes it easy for beginners to get started in this very useful language.And Python is free! Its open-source software. That means you can download it at no charge. It also means millions of others have downloaded and are using it so theres no shortage of documentation and information available about Python.Excellent and descriptiveI love the details Jason shares--it enlivens the lectures to know that he thinks I'm smart enough to care about these small, radical details. Thanks! Miles KimSit back, relax, and learn Python.Enroll and start this Python training course and youll soon discover its NOT your average computer programming course. First of all, its designed for absolute beginners. So even if youve never touched a keyboard before, you wont get lost or overwhelmed.This is an interesting and fun course, and weve designed it to be the most enjoyable way to learn Python. Every single lesson all of them are presented via video so there are no stuffy lectures and no boring professor going on and on, saying, Blah blah blah. Lessons are only about ten minutes apiece so if you have the attention span of a gnat, youre OK here.Some are a little longer, many are shorter than ten minutes.No homeworkAnd youll probably like this news: theres no homework. None. Everything you do will be done right during the video course. The course has about seven hours of learning but youll pause between lessons, of course. So you can learn at your own pace. If you discover youve missed something along the way, you can go back to an earlier lesson and watch it over again. After all, once youve enrolled, youll own the course for life.Enroll and dig into over 42 video lessons, over seven hours of learning, access to over 80 discussions. And when you enroll, youll automatically become one among nearly 4,000 of your peers, all of whom are working to learn Python programming.Jump in and learn Python the easy way learn by doing Youll Build 5 Cool Applications. Build Application #1: Youll build a TIP CALCULATOR. Know what that is? Your smartphone probably has a Tip Calculator application built in. This handy application figures out what you should leave as a tip for the waiter or waitress after a meal in a restaurant. 15%, 20%, whatever. Well, youll be building one of those, a Tip Calculator. Even it youre not a big tipper, youll enjoy building this application. Build Application #2: Youll build a PRIME NUMBER CALCULATOR. A Prime Number is a number than can be divided evenly ONLY by 1, or by itself. And it must be a number greater than 1. For example, 5 can be divided evenly (no fractions) ONLY by 1 or 5. That means 5 is a Prime Number. Is 971 a Prime Number? Build your Prime Number Calculator and find out easily your second simple Python application. Build Application #3: Youll write a COMPUTER ALGORITHM. To write a computer application, you have to tell your computer exactly what to do what steps, in what order. You give your computer orders, and your computer follows them. When you create a computer algorithm, youre creating orders for your computer. What to do, when to do it, how to do it. Your algorithm is going to make your computer help you figure out how what size portion of Chicken Nuggets to purchase at a fast food restaurant! Build Application 4: Youll build an application that brings in a file and manipulates the data within a file. Check it out we think youll like this one. Build Application 5: In this last application youll build, youre going to create an awesome two-player Word Game application similar to Scrabble. Each letter has a number value so you can keep score. Who will be the big winner? But First, Youll Learn The Basics.If youve never done any programming, the terms and functions youre going to learn will sound strange right now. But youll pick them up quickly theyre all the basic terminology and concepts youll need to write the five simple applications youll create during this course.Youre going to lean all about Data Types, Variables, Python as a Calculator, Personal Programs, Function, Modules, Classes, If Statements, Loops, Tricks, and more.


  • Level of Difficulty: Beginner
  • Size: Large Class
  • Instructor: Jason Elbourne
  • Cost: $59 Per Course
  • Institution: Udemy

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