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The Art of Black and White Photography

Learn how to create dramatic and compelling black and white images using a range of powerful Photoshop techniques.

Topics: General Art, Photography
Cost: $99 Per Course


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Learn to create absolutely haunting black & white photos shooting tips, Photoshop secrets, MOREIm no longer intimidated by B&W photography.David systematically takes you through each group of techniques showing you all methods and suggesting his preferences. He is an excellent and professional teacher. There are few questions in the margins because he explains everything so well. The questions that are asked, however, are very relevant and answered thoroughly. I don't feel intimidated by b&w photography as I once did. I'm so grateful for David putting this course together & would highly recommend it to anyone. Lenny MachinBEST COURSE CHOICE for anyone with a camera and a desire to create STUNNING black and white photosHeres the best course choice for anybody who wants to create haunting, striking, remarkably dramatic black and white photographs. Youll learn photo tips only professional photographers know, plus the Photoshop skills you need to make your photos come alive. Whether youre snapping pics with your smartphone, shooting 35mm photos with a single lens reflex camera, or using large format professional gear, this course will teach you tricks, tips, and photo enhancements that few know.Learn a rare and beautiful style of photographyWhats so special about black and white photography? Images are somehow deeper, richer, and far more unique in black and white than in color. Portraits are more riveting. Landscapes are more alluring. And black and white photos are also more rare: since photography went digital, you virtually cant take a black and white photo anymore. But black and whites back with our black and white photography tips in our black and white photo tutorial: Learn to take better photos; learn to enhance them using Photoshop.Learn to snap better pics, then how to enhance them with PhotoshopThe Art of Black and White Photography is an excellent, easy-to-follow course for anyone who wants to learn both sides of creating stunning black and white photos: First, youll learn a comprehensive range of black and white photography tips and techniques you can use to capture better black and white photos every time you click the shutter. AND SECOND, youll learn remarkable post-production techniques that allow you to use Photoshops powerful tools to make your black and white photos truly sing.The definitive guide to black and white Photoshop conversionThis is the definitive guide to black and white Photoshop conversion. David's explanations are thorough and very well illustrated with carefully chosen examples for each point, and delivered at a consistent, easy to follow pace. Highly recommended. Filipe MartinsLearn to cultivate a photographers eye You dont take a photograph, you make it. So says Ansel Adams, perhaps Americas most famous black and white photographer. And we agree. You take a photo by pressing the shutter release; you MAKE a photo using todays sophisticated Photoshop enhancement techniques. Learn how to take a photo and how to make one; our course of black and white photography tips shows you exactly how to do both.You can learn stunning black and white photography online and this course shows you how. Every one of our more than 19 video lectures coaches you, teaches you how to cultivate a photographers eye and shows you the tips and skills that make it easy for you to spot and snap a great picture.Then we show you how to MAKE a good photo a great one using sophisticated Photoshop techniques in post production long after youve clicked the shutter.Photoshop made simpleIf you are at all familiar with Photoshop, you know its packed-to-bursting with tools for adjusting every aspect of a photograph. You may have tried enhancing your photos in Photoshop and found yourself lost among the many conversion techniques, or baffled by how to adjust tonal ranges. Or confused by what Curves are all about, stymied by masks you dont know how to use. Well, dont despair. You can learn photography online as we demystify black and white photo enhancement and show you exactly how to turn your color photos into black and white and upgrade their quality far beyond what youre achieving now.Youll learn all this You're going to learn how to use Photoshops full range of powerful, flexible, and non-destructive black and white conversion techniques. You will learn which are the most useful and powerful and which to use in what situation. For example, should you use Channel Mixer or the Black and White tool? Our photo tips teach you hen to use one technique rather than another, and which techniques to avoidand why to avoid them! You will learn how to observe and evaluate the tonal range and tonal balance of an image, and then, how to adjust tones correctly. Youll learn to make both global, whole photo changes as well as selective spot-enhancements Youll harness four of the most powerful tools and techniques within Photoshop: how to use Adjustment Layers, Selections, Masks, and the Curves tool to make your photographs far more striking. Having learned all about essential tools, you'll then learn how to put them to work to overcome some of the unique problems you'll encounter again and again as you begin converting your portraits to black and white. Love portraits? Youll learn how to use your subjects skin tone and texture to create powerful results. Learn to smooth and soften facial features to create a dreamy look. Or discover how to sharpen facial details to make your portraits true works of art. Eyes are the window to the soul, says William Shakespeare theyre the essential focal point in great portrait photography. Our black and white photography tips show you how to make your subjects eyes luminescent and mesmerizing. Youll stop thinking of black and white is JUST black and JUST white: youll learn how to add a wide and complex array of shades and tones that breathe life into your subjects. Shortcut to increasing ANY photographers skillsWhether youre a weekend photographer or a full time pro; whether you snap a photo only on vacation or youre a working photographer (or hoping to become one), youll learn how to incorporate all these tools and techniques into a flexible, powerful, and repeatable working system a personalized workflow you use to make wonderful and deeply significant black and white photographs.So if you want to develop new skills by learning about black and white photography, AND test your understanding and receive constructive and helpful feedback on your work as you learn, enroll in The Art of Black and White Photography today.


  • Level of Difficulty: Beginner
  • Size: Large Class
  • Instructor: David J. Nightingale
  • Cost: $99 Per Course
  • Institution: Udemy
  • Topics: General Art, Photography

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