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Hard Rock Guitar Improvising with Curt Mitchell

Break out of your stock soloing techniques, gain a knowledge of the entire fretboard and learn the guitar neck notes

Topics: General Music
Cost: $19 Per Course


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Ever wanted to learn how to understand the guitar neck notes at an expert level?Well here is your chance with this awesome program - where I will take throughall the steps that your need to expertly handle the guitar.This is an intermediate to advanced course on guitar neck notes and hard rock guitarsolo improvisation that you can take at your own pace.This is from a DVD I did a while back, now out of print called"Curt Mitchells Chop Shop"It will show you how to divide the guitar neck into five "visualpositions" or "boxes"thereby freeing you from the standard guitar solo positions that confine us toa very small portion of the guitar neck.This course contains 19 video sections or"lectures" and a matching PDF file of the material. (total 20lectures)Depending on your current skill level, this course on guitar neck notes should take between2 days and a week to complete.You will need a guitar and Adobe PDF reader.Prerequisites: This course is for people with someexperience playing the guitar. It's not for beginners.When the course is completed, you should have a clearknowledge of the entire fret board, and the scales used in most hard rockguitar solos, using the entire guitar neck.


  • Level of Difficulty: Advanced
  • Size: Large Class
  • Instructor: Curt Mitchell
  • Cost: $19 Per Course
  • Institution: Udemy
  • Topics: General Music

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