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Glenwood Elementary is a public day care center in Chapel Hill, NC for pre-kindergarteners.


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Glenwood Elementary is a Public Pre-kindergarten located in Chapel Hill, NC. Pre-kindergarten, or Pre-K, is a program for 4-year olds that begins their formal education with learning goals appropriate to their development. While Pre-K programs have different teaching philosophies, they share the aim of giving young students the foundational social and academic skills to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. Pre-K programs may be offered by public, charter, community, or private providers, and can be full- or half-day. Consider your child’s temperament, your family’s needs, and the program’s approach to decide if a particular school is a good fit.

School Enrollment 0
Gender Coeducational
Students in this school can go on to attend Glenwood Elementary for Elementary School.

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