Asked about: Bellin College

What is a typical Bellin College student like? Describe the type of person that should attend Bellin College.


Anonymous, Student, Bellin College, Class of 2017

A Bellin College student is dedicated to learning for the well being of others. Students are caring and have a deep rooted appreciation for health care. We are also very passionate about learning as much as we can so we can provide the best possible care for our patients when we enter into the real world. Patient care is the root of everything, and our love of people and our wish to better the health care system is what sets the students of Bellin College apart.

Anonymous, Student, Bellin College, Class of 2016

A student at Bellin College is interested in the healthcare field, whether it be nursing or radiology. They are organized, hard working, and compassionate about the field they are studying. It is a smaller school and everyone is friendly and doesn't mind the smaller scale of the school.

Anonymous, Student, Bellin College, Class of 2016

A typical Bellin College student knows that nursing school is not like any other type of learning they have done in the past. Being a nursing student means that one is very studious and is looking ahead because they know if they fall behind, it is very hard to catch back up. A nursing student is never afraid to ask or accept help from others. They also don't refuse a cup of coffee when one is offered. Bellin College nursing students also know that fun activities need to be incorporated into their daily lives in order to balance out the anxieties that is nursing school.

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