I just moved to the Crafton-Ingram area and I'm told my children are in the Montour School District. Does that mean they will be able to attend a school in the Pittsburgh Public School District?

How will it work if I want to transfer them to a school in Pittsburgh?


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If you live in the Craftan-Ingram area you may be part of either the Montour or Carlynton school districts. Without knowing your street address I can't give you a definitive answer. I recommend calling the Montour District office at 1-412-490-6500 to find out if you live within the district boundaries, and if so, what school your children will attend.

If you think you'd like to transfer your children to a school in Pittsburg, you'll want to call the Pittsburg Unified School District's main office at 925.473.2300.

On the Pittsburg school district's student services page it says that students must generally go to a school within their own district, but that in certain cases it accepts transfer requests.

On a final note, Pittsburgh Schaeffer K - 8, the school you asked about, is currently closed.

Hopefully this information is helpful, but if it's only adding to your confusion, please feel free to write back with a follow up question. Good luck!

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