Which 3 extracurricular activities at Birdville High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Birdville High School, Class of 2016

I believe the theatre, choir, and band programs are appealing to everyone at Birdville High School and together are the most popular. I would recommend the theatre program because it's the only place that weirdness is celebrated and welcomed, we are a huge group of weird people. It's fun to hang out with these carefree spirits, and judgement is almost non existent. Being a working student I am not able to show up afterschool everyday or for very long, but they still take me in and allow me to participate with everyone else as an equal member of the team, they understand me. It's a group of caring people who understand that life isn't a cake walk, they allow you to show emotion and have good days and bad days. The theatre group at birdville high school is far from stuck up and embraces all walks of life.

Anonymous, Student, Birdville High School, Class of 2016

Fish Heads is a personal favorite of mine!- Fish Heads is a volunteer out of school organization that puts on Fish Camp ( the freshmen orientation) it made up of carefully selected upperclassmen and we go through fun training have socials and learn games to play at our camp which is 4 hours and is a fun scary and exciting time for the fish and the upperclassmen! I have really gotten to know more people through this than any other organization at my school!

Another great one would be PALs- Peer Assistance and Leadership is also for upperclassmen and is actually a class period through the day and only 20 people get in! We go to the feeder elementary schools and mentor troubled youth. Weather they are dealing with anger issues or their going through a family struggle we get to be there for them and remind them how amazing they are. The best part about it is that they love you just as much a you end up loving them by the end of the year! Its very rewarding and makes you feel like you are their superhero!

The third extravehicular activity is the student section! while it is not an official organization is is diffidently the mos fun and anyone can be a part of it! At our football games our seniors lead us in well known chants and cheer on our teams!

All of thee are a very positive outlet for people going into our school!

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