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Which 3 extracurricular activities at Troy High School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Troy High School, Class of 2017

     A first, obvious and popular extracurricular activity is to be involved in a sport.  Other activities available are a variety of clubs that are founded for community services or just for personal interests. Lastly there is the opportunity to be part of the school's band.  I would recommend any combination of the three extracurriculars  depending on a persons interests.  Joining a sport allows for students to be healthy, have fun, become more out going and make friends.  However, if sports are not somebody's strong point then joining clubs is another beneficial option where you can meet people with the same interests and become involved in things a person is passionate about.  Lastly the school band is an amazing place for people with musical talents to thrive and learn by being surrounded by people who are just as passionate about music as they are.
Anonymous, Student, Troy High School, Class of 2016

Popular: Model United Nations Project Lead STUGO Recommend: Muslim Student Association Project Lead STUGO

Anonymous, Student, Troy High School, Class of 2016

There was no option for my school, the International Academy so I chose the school that is closest to my location. At my school, IASA, DECA and HOSA are the three most popular extracurricular activities. However, I recommend Tri-M Music Honors Society because that is the society that I am president of at my school. We have many events that promote music, as well as fundraise for the music department at our school.

Anonymous, Student, Troy High School, Class of 2016

The three extracurricular activities at Troy High School are football, the band, and the annual musical. I would actually recommend all of them. For three years now, I have watched home football games and even though my school is not the best team around, there is a community in the stands; everyone is unified in their excitement for the game. On the field, there is a brotherhood that competes together and sticks together throughout the year.

This coming year, I will join the band I have watched and cheered for through the past three years. I will be a part of the marching band's show this year and I am excited not only for my part, but because the band is also a family. Granted, families are dysfunctional, but if someone is searching for a solid community surrounded by music, I recommend the band.

Another great extracurricular is the annual musical. In my freshman year, I was part of the stage crew that created and moved the props on stage for Grease. There is a secret family in that because no one else sees the monumentous effort put into the tiniest prop. When a cast member uses a prop on stage, there is a secret, immense feeling of pride. On the other hand, in my junior year, I was cast as the leading role in Rodger's and Hammerstein's Cinderella: Enchanted Edition and there is a family bond that no one talks about unless someone has experienced it. It pulls everyone together and motivates all cast, crew, and orchestra members to do their very best.

Choosing an extracurricular is solely based on interest, even if some choices are more popular than others. If someone likes sports, join the football team (or any sports team for that matter). If someone likes music, look for the band or the musical's orchestra. If someone likes creating art or being on stage, go for the musical. Any extracurricular at Troy is great; it all depends on personal interest.

Anonymous, Parent of student at Troy High School

The 3 most popular extracurricular activities at Troy High School in Fullerton, CA are football, track and Best Buddies. I would recommend Best Buddies, Associated Student Body (ASB), and Drumline.

Anonymous, Student, Troy High School, Class of 2016

The three most popular extracurricular activites are NJORTC, Science Olympia, and our varsity sports. I would recommend our sports teams, such as water polo and football. Our teams are nationally ranked and are well known in Orange County. I would also recommend the many clubs that our campus has, such as Key Club, NOW, or PSST. Lastly, I would recommend our ROTC program.

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