What is a typical Leavenworth Sr. High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Leavenworth Sr. High School.


Anonymous, Student, Leavenworth Sr. High School, Class of 2016

As I walk down the crowded halls of Leavenworth Sr. High ,coming for a much smaller school, I find my self looking at all the students and realizing there isn't one "typical" student. It's filled with a great diversity. The school has students attend from all around the world with our forgein exchange student program, we have people for all around the United States coming there because of the fort Leavenworth post, and such a diverse city without them to say we have one group of people as our typical population. Which is great, it makes a environment where everyone can find a place where they belong for the next four year of their life. With this I feel any type of person can come and make friends and find where they belong. Students at Leavenworth are used to seeing new faces and have an excellent program to help them find their way around and adjust to the life of the big school.

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