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How strong is the religious presence on campus? My Catholic faith is very important to me, and I'd love to have a strong group on campus to serve with. Also, is the community generally accepting of those who are very faith-oriented people?


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If Butler University is on your list of prospective colleges, you'll want to reach out to the school's Center for Faith and Vocation. There is an active Butler Catholic Community, as well as other religious and spiritual groups:

In short, should you attend Butler, you'll find a home where you can get a great education, as well as the opportunity to grow your faith with like-minded people. Good luck!

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Check this out... Many Catholic colleges, in the interest of being all inclusive, tend to boldly tell students "you don't have to be Catholic to attend here". Butler is not Catholic, and got away from it's Christian roots many years ago. I think you will find on MOST campuses, even some faith based ones, that there is a bias against the faithful. Just my opinion from what I have observed in many dozens of college visits over the years. But visit for yourself, and for sure, read the student newspaper. That will give you a good idea of the culture on campus, whether Catholic friendly, or not.

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