What is the dress code for 7th graders?


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[Vistancia Elementary School's]https://www.noodle.com/schools/ktHwC/vistancia-elementary-school) dress code is outlined in the student handbook and is as follows:

  1. Student dress and personal appearance should be neat and modest. Shoes should be worn at all times at school.

  2. Cleanliness should be observed in regard to clothing, hair, and personal hygiene.

  3. Clothing with designs or lettering considered vulgar, obscene, or suggestive is prohibited.

  4. Designs or lettering that promote tobacco,alcohol, drugs, violence, gangs, sex or sexual innuendos are prohibited.

  5. Any clothing deemed drug or gang related is prohibited.

  6. Chains that could potentially cause disruption or a safety issue are prohibited.

  7. Clothing that allows for the display of underclothing is not appropriate, including but not limited to pants worn many sizes too large or too small. Pants must be worn at the waistline – no sagging.

  8. If shorts are worn, they must be appropriate and modest in length. Students who wear shorts considered too short will be required to change.

  9. Shirts should be full length and made of opaque material. Students who wear shirts that do not fully cover their midriff or are too low cut will be required to change.

  10. Halter tops, strapless tops, or spaghetti strapped shirts may not be worn.

  11. Pajamas, slippers and boxers are not appropriate attire.

  12. Unnatural hair coloring or styling that is disruptive to the learning environment is discouraged.

  13. Earrings may be worn if they do not jeopardize student safety. Piercing of the nose, eyebrows, lips, or tongue is strongly discouraged and may need to be removed for safety.

  14. Sunglasses, hats, and headgear, (e.g., knit hats, hoods, tiaras) cannot be worn indoors.

  15. Clothing or jewelry with spikes or studs is prohibited.

  16. Appropriate shoes (i.e. sneakers, tennis shoes) should be worn to maintain safety during physical activity, including PE classes. Students who violate the dress code will be required to change to appropriate attire in compliance with the dress code or be picked up from school by their parents. For further definition of established dress code, contact the school’s administration.

For more information you can reach the school directly at (623) 773-6500, or you can visit the school district's website.

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