What is the monthly tuition for an infant enrolled for full-time care?


Michael Schoch, Noodle Intern

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Tuition at Perry Nursery School Of Ann Arbor is based on a sliding scale according to each family's income.

To learn exactly what tuition will be for your family, I recommend either starting the application process online, or calling the school at (734) 677-8130.

Unfortunately, Perry Nursery School does not accept infants, but children aged 2 years and 9 months to 4 years-old.

You can search for other preschools in your area and filter your results for schools that accept children [under 2 years-old]](https://www.noodle.com/search/preschool?location=Ann%20Arbor%2C%20MI&agegroup=infant%20care) on Noodle. Hopefully that helps narrow the field a little bit.

Best of luck!

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