Would you recommend attending Palmdale Aerospace Academy if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Palmdale Aerospace Academy, Class of 2019

I would definitely recommend this school because it is so diverse and it really is a good school that cares about its students education and safety.

Anonymous, Student, Palmdale Aerospace Academy, Class of 2017

I would definitely recommend attending this school for plenty of reasons. Here you are able to utilize your academic mind without being chastised or embarrassed unlike a tradition high school. Also, because TPAA is a charter school, you are able to adapt with the environment and truly learn to accept the school. This school offers opportunities that normal High Schools don't offer like engineering courses that are taken simultaneously with your traditional Math, Science, and Language Arts courses. This school prepares you for college at an easy to understand pace while slowly challenging you to go beyond the four walls of the classroom. I highly recommend this school for any student who is up for the challenge.

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