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What is a typical Trinity College student like? Describe the type of person that should attend Trinity College.


Summer Humphrey, Students

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Trinity student is special to others and they are more intelligent or they are always thinking in different ways that’s why they are trinity students. In my college some trinity students are starts the resume services and they are successful because they think unique.

Anonymous, Student, Trinity College, Class of 2017

The typical Trinity student loves to work and chill at the same time. Plenty of us are hardcore workers during the week and "socialites" during the weekend. We love our coffees, teas, and Italian soda, and pastel colors are all the rage in terms of dress. No "Trin Kid" is complete without something pastel in their wardrobe (it's the east coast in us). Winter is a godsend and a curse to us, but we take it in stride because we know we'll miss it when it's over. Trin kids can be a bit reclusive, however, when it comes to staying focused and on-track to graduate. Many of us disappear into our work such that friends wonder where we are. It is our work ethic, love to party, and focused attitude that sets us on the right path for the world outside of college.

Anonymous, Student, Trinity College, Class of 2016

If you are rich, white, and privileged, you are welcome here. If you are poor and are a minority, you will have a different experience.

Anonymous, Student, Trinity College, Class of 2015

A typical Trinity student is someone who is driven to succeed. They are friendly and respectable and eager to experience new things and meet new people. They are generally charismatic and happy people.

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