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Hi Abigail! I'm a sr. citizen & for the past few years I'm having a challenge to finish any professional certification exam. I seem to over analyze the questions. Now, I'm attempting to mark the question if I do not instantly know the answer. Can you assist?


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To contact Abigail directly, click the "Book Tutor" button on her Noodle profile. You'll then be taken to the site she uses to make arrangements for tutoring sessions.

If you're looking for help with a particular exam, you can easily browse tutors by test or exam. Make sure to also take a look at Noodle's resources for test taking.

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Thanks for using Noodle to look for the right tutor for you. If you're looking to contact Abigail, please click "Book Tutor" on her Noodle profile page. This will take you another website that she uses to coordinate appointments with potential students.

You can also follow these links for expert advice on test-taking strategies on standardized tests.

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