What is a typical Liberty High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Liberty High School.


Anonymous, Student, Liberty High School, Class of 2016

Liberty High School is a school that contains a diverse culture of students. Each student is unique in his or her own way, as the students come from different backgrounds, have a wide variety of ethnicities, and participate in all sorts of activities at Liberty. While the typical student cannot be defined as "athletic" or "intelligent", the typical LHS student can easily be described as kind. Due to the kind actions and helpful personalities in the school, the student body has come together as one. The kindness of students results in reduction of bullying and allows a less judgemental environment for students. The kind environment allows students to grow, learn, and create relationships in a safe and secure place. Any student that is kind is one that would fit in very well at Liberty High School.

Anonymous, Student, Liberty High School, Class of 2016

The average Liberty High School student is an amicable, acceptant, and diligent individual. Because academics and athletics are nearly tantamount in significance at the school, students are eclectic in their priorities and style; therefore, homogeneity is a rare occurrence within the student body. The area's mixture of urban and pastoral students also provides for a unique amalgamation of cultures.

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