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What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Stephens College?


Anonymous, Student, Stephens College, Class of 2019

  1. We have niche majors which is very appealing to those who are not your typical majors like Equestrian majors or Fashion management/design majors. We also have your more standard majors as well like English, Biology, and Education. The theatre and fashion departments are phenomenal as well as they are ranked very high in their programs in comparisons to other schools.
  2. We are a very welcoming community. Since we are a small campus of mainly women (since it's an all-womens college, we take pride in our school too. The women here on campus are empowered, speak-up, and don't feel like just another face in a crowd thanks to the size and it being an all-womens college. I pass students that I may have never met before, and they greet with me a smile, a warm hello, and make me feel like this is where I belong.
  3. We are not like your typical college. We are all-womens and our size is small. It makes us different, but more so unique. Stephens College is amazing and it proves so. Instead of throwing their first years in general education classes and making them take only those sorts of classes for their first two years, Stephens takes the time and puts you in some gen eds, but more importantly in classes involved with your major. This really helps with undecided majors too, as they can take a few classes in different majors to determine and declare their major early on rather than later. The education here is phenomenal as well as the class assignments. I have learned so much more than I could ever believe in one semester at Stephens College and I have been able to take two classes in my major as well as take some gen eds required for my major and for the scholars program I am in. Being here, you can learn so much, and it really is a blessing.
Anonymous, Student, Stephens College, Class of 2019

One reason someone should attend Stephens college is that the campus is absolutely darling. Second, the average class size is about seventeen students to one teacher. Third is that there is no better place on earth.

Anonymous, Student, Stephens College, Class of 2017

Women should attend Stephens College because they are the only pet-friendly campus in Missouri, only women are accepted into the school, and they have an excellent equestrian program.

Anonymous, Student, Stephens College, Class of 2017

  1. The faculty/staff are super supportive and always there to help.
  2. The school is around two other campuses.
  3. The students are really amazing.
Anonymous, Student, Stephens College, Class of 2018

1) Stephens College has a fun, safe environment where all women attending the school will flourish. 2) Stephens College works with it's students to make sure they receive the best education possible. 3) Stephens College allows students to have pets in the dorms, which helps make the transition into college easier.

Anonymous, Student, Stephens College, Class of 2019

Stephens had a great-academic background. The campus is absolutely beautiful and at Stephens you will find a faculty that really cares for the students at the school. They make sure you have everything turned in and they make sure you are up to date about everything going on.

Anonymous, Student, Stephens College, Class of 2018

  1. At Stephens because the student to staff ratio is around 5 to 1 you will always get the necessary assistance to pass and excel in all of your classes
  2. you build relationships with Intelligent Well Educated Women that you will keep for the rest of your life.
  3. All students leave the school aware and prepared for the real world and their future careers knowing that they had a really great 4 years of fun, love, friendship, and an amazing education.

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