Describe the type of student who should not attend Madison Area Technical College and explain why.



I don't think a student who is lazy and not motivated to learn should attend Madison College. Personally, I think it's a great school and to waste one's money and time is a shame. There are so many great teachers, academic facilities, and tutors to help better your education and future and I think a student who isn't interested in that should attend this school. If someone doesn't want to be at school or doesn't feel the need to work hard in the classroom shouldn't attend here because most people at this school are driven to get good grades and work hard in the classroom. Also, I don't think a student should attend here if they don't take their education seriously. Too many students and teachers are working their butts off to do well and someone who doesn't care or want to get a good education simply shouldn't attend Madison College.

Anonymous, Student, Madison Area Technical College, Class of 2017

Students should not attend MATC, if they do not intend on doing the homework, taking the extra steps needed to succeed, and communication with students and staff. Going to college, means you have to do the work, and showing the true talents we each have. Students who are not willing to take their education to the next level shouldn't go to college because, not only is time and money wasted, you're also costing someone else their future.

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