Describe the type of student who should not attend Yavneh Academy of Dallas and explain why.


Anonymous, Student, Yavneh Academy of Dallas, Class of 2018

I would not recommend for lazy students to enroll into Yavneh. The school is mall. There really no "last row" in a class and everybody is visible.

Anonymous, Student, Yavneh Academy of Dallas, Class of 2016

To all those who find that going to Yavneh is an 8-5pm job, who think Yavneh only caters to potheads, BBYO youth group goers and basketball players and who believe school spirit just is not for them, I peacefully persuade you to never apply to Yavneh. Contrarily, the Yavneh student body is an aggregate of butting, boastful, jovial, artistic, curious, athletic, poetic, motivated and lifelong learners, so diverse that labeling them as a type of person sorely fails to suffice. For Yavneh students, campus is not only a setting for classes; rather, it is a place where ideas breed, manifesting into new clubs and social and political movements, where spirt also soars in athletic and artistic forums. Yavneh students unequivocally give the word 'community' a name.

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