What is a typical Brookline College-Albuquerque student like? Describe the type of person that should attend Brookline College-Albuquerque.


Anonymous, Student, Brookline College-Albuquerque, Class of 2017

A person that is committed & dedicated to advancing their education. Somebody that is thick skinned and doesn't give up. I believe Brookline students are people who like to be challenged and are willing to step up to the challenge. Being a student in the BSN program at Brookline, I can attest to some of the most dedicated students I've ever had the pleasure of working side by side with. There are many kind & caring people in the program that will make wonderful nurses. Myself, and my cohorts that have stuck it out thru nursing boot camp; which it gets harder every term, sincerely care and want to help people. A professor told us once "nursing is an art & a science, I can teach you the science but the arts in your heart; I can teach you to care for someone but I can't teach you to care. Its a difficult & stressful career, but the benefit and the gratification of helping somebody that's really in need to recover from a traumatic event in their life is priceless.

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