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What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Wheaton College?


Anonymous, Student, Wheaton College, Class of 2019

There are numerous reasons someone should attend Wheaton College. The first reason is that the environment is incredible. The people are genuine, kind and loving. The second reason is that the professors impact your life and help you grown individually. The professors truly care about their students and want to see them grow individually, which is not only rare, but amazing. And lastly, the third reason one should attend Wheaton is because the education you will receive there is prestigious. There are few colleges that will push you academically while helping grow you into the person you are to be, but Wheaton is one of those colleges. Everyone who goes there will be changed for the better, and you will graduate equipped for the world. I strongly encourage everyone to look into Wheaton College if you want to see your life changed!

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