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Describe the type of student who should not attend Coe College and explain why.


Anonymous, Student, Coe College, Class of 2019

Students who are not looking for an adventure or meeting others or looking to expand their horizons should steer clear of Coe. Since starting school at Coe I have become close not only with other students but my professors as well, and it seems as though almost everyone on campus is personable, kind, and understanding, especially the professors. Every Friday there is something going on at the P.U.B. for students to enjoy; along with these SAC organized events, there are multiple clubs and organizations, from GeekFest to Taekwondo Club to SAC to Rock Climbing Club, there is something for everyone. There is also a plethora of classes for students to take to open grow as a person (as a primarily science-driven individual I can attest to the fact that taking such classes as languages and history will help a person not in the field grow). May Term also exists for students to either stay on campus or travel the country/world with a professor to learn and explore new places. The science departments also offer Summer Research to students who qualify, these students will leave Coe with summers of experience in their field already, ready to join the workforce. Coe College is an amazing school where one finds kind and caring people who only wish to help you along your journey, filled with amazing new opportunities for students to take advantage of, options for worldwide travel while still learning and working towards your major, and wonderful chances to help secure internships and gain work experience in your desired field.

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